LTL, Volume, and Partials

Get the most out of your LTL Shipments

LTR (Loaded-To-Ride)

In the LTL world, a shipment that has more than 6 pallets, is greater than 5,000 lbs, or takes up between 12 to 32 linear feet of trailer space is referred to as a Volume or Partial shipment.

And at DFW NATIONAL, we provide a dock-to-dock shipping option that allows our customers to maximize their LTL business revenue. Our LTR (Loaded-to-Ride) feature provides you with the benefits of a full truckload at the cost associated with an LTL shipment.

How do we do it? We simply combine large LTL and partial shipments to create a full truckload route.

That means no cross-docking or trans-loading which translates into less risk of pilferage and damages. Because the same driver that picks up your freight will drive straight to the destination and deliver it.

┬áSo when you need to move a volume or partial shipment, take advantage of our LTR (Loaded-to-Ride“) Dock-To-Dock option to move your large LTL shipments safer and quicker.